Photo A Day #167 Basking

Sometimes I feel like I write about the weather a lot. I hope I don't do it too much, just let me know if I do and I'll tone it down! This morning was our coldest August morning... in a long time. It was in the paper anyway, so it must have been, I just didn't pay attention to the finer details such as dates and statistics. Anyway, after some downright springtime weather, we were plunged into the freezing depths of below 10ºc. I don't mean -10º. I mean between, oh, say 1 and 10º. Anyway. It was pretty cold for us. So I warmed myself up with some summertime photos and dreamed of the things I will do when it warms up. These will include walking in the rainforest, day trips to faraway fields and beaches and snoozing under a tree. I also have a killer to-do list for spring including creating a succulent wall-feature, razing our garden and planting some fresh veggies and finishing off our music room renovation.

C took this picture of me on his phone, while I had a rest on a mossy rock. Gosh, it was H-O-T!

Are you guys planning for the change of season yet? Or are you hanging onto the last threads of your Summer (northerners) and Winter (southerners)?