Photo A Day # 168 Smokey Mountains

I wish I had more time to spend in the mountains. I really wanted to explore the small towns, check out some antique stores and maybe, just maybe, hear some Appalachian singers. I love the raw, honest music from that area. But, time again was running away from us, and we had to be in Miami in 3 days time.

So we pressed on, through the beautiful mountains and almost out the other end, stopping in Marshall N.C. One thing I will say, there were some wild storms driving through these parts. There were moments when I couldn't see through the bucketing rain, and then moments of heavenly sun poking through the clouds. And more rain. And more sun beams. It was very beautiful. The air was fresh too, THIS is what people are talking about when they say mountain air.

Since we missed the Connecticut state welcome sign, I was pretty happy that C snapped two North Carolina signs, the standard one, and the retro styled one. How lovely are the trees and mountains on it? Much more welcoming than the official one, I think!

So last time I led you astray, NEXT stop is Marshall. Today is just the wonderful journey.