Photo A Day #172 Books Books Books

This weekend has been perfect for hiding inside the house with some movies, a blanket, a boy and some cats. Somehow I managed to avoid doing this and was out and about in the gale-force winds that were tearing roofs from buildings in Sydney. We watched a hilariously bad film last night (Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) We knew it would be bad, which is why we went to see it, but my goodness. I'm surprised we weren't ejected from the theatre for our guffaws at inappropriate moments. But really?

Today we sought refuge in a bookstore, as often happens on the weekends. This one has a reading room upstairs with stacks of old books. I love looking through them all. I hope that one day I find a magical old book, like The Neverending Story. Oh the 80's. Movies were better back then, right? (I'm excluding Mac and Me from that statement)

Yes, they have color-coded the books in this section. I think they figure nobody would want them anyway, but this is generally the section where I buy books from in this store! It just adds to the spontaneity of the purchase, you'd never be able to find something you were actually looking for with this system.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Did you get up to anything exciting?
Love, Kitty