Photo A Day #174 Caturday - Maggie is a Punk

So, for a while now, we've known that Maggie would need to get a haircut. She has a thick double coat and it has been getting matted, even with regular brushing.

 We were trying to wait until the end of winter, and we had her punk-ified on Thursday.

If you've read my "about" page, you will know that we thought she was fat. We've even called her "Our chubby little secret" to her face.

Man do I feel bad... She's actually quite thin, and I'm horrified at the amount of fur that she had! She looks so incredibly cute now, like a little fox with a cat helmet on :D And from all of the colours she was on top, she is charcoal underneath!

She is so happy to be shaved! I think she feels tough now and she's running around all fearless and purring :) And getting petted is The. Best. Feeling. Ever.

She does have a little belly pooch though, it's just her 'desexed' belly, that puffs out when she sits down, when she is standing it's not fat at all! It WAS all fur! Who knew?