Photo A Day #175 Instagram Miscellany

It's been a long time since I shared some instagram moments with you, so here's a fresh batch, a peek into my everyday life, if you will. You can follow me @kittyandbuck if you're interested :)

#1 The roof at the dumpling house in Chinatown where I sometimes eat lunch. There are 3 dumpling house in the dumpling house triangle (like the bermuda triangle of salty food) and they ALL have grapes on the ceiling. Can anyone explain this phenomena? I have a feeling one dumpling house did it as a random decoration, and maybe they had lots of customers and the other shops decided it was due to the grape-y ceiling? I need answers people.
#2 A beautiful old wall in Paddington, Sydney, I love the color of the leaves in front of it
#3 The most exciting day I received my cat leggings from Uptights!
#4 Silk flowers
#5 Directly behind the wall in #2, a random conifer tree in a pit. Just beautiful. The area is an old industrial section that has been turned into a park and it has magical crumbling brick archways and lush green plants. I need to take some 'proper' photos in here one day.
#6 Wearing my heart on my sleeve with my Modcloth coat (old)
#7 Inside the State Theatre in Sydney, at the Australian Premiere of Moonrise Kingdom. Loved it!
#8 A poor butterfly on the path one morning as I left for work. His wings were crumbly and I think he was living his last moments :( I was really brave to get so close to this harmless creature (remember I'm scared of moths? Butterflies aren't so bad, but still not cuddly to me)
#9 You know, just taking pictures of my head while I'm hiding in the kitchen at work. Nothing weird about that, right? I was waiting for my lunch to heat up.