Photo A Day #176 Green Thumb

I hate to admit it, but over winter, my garden has become an almost impenetrable jungle. All of my 'real' plants are dead, all of the weeds are thriving. The tiny leaves that drifted from the Jacaranda tree are embedded in everything. Bonsai plants have monster ferns growing from them and resemble full grown trees more than miniature ones. Sometimes I lose my cats in there. My garden is a small courtyard and a tiny patch of grass. Something had to be done. I was too ashamed to shoot proper 'before' pictures, plus the sunlight was harsh and terrible for taking photos, but you can see some snippets from my day here. I'm tired and sore and approximately 1/6 of the way clearing up the mess That doesn't even count planting my vegetables and herbs for spring.

These aren't from my garden, I bought them for C yesterday, and then found out that cats have a bad reaction to daffodils, so now they are in hiding :( Oops. It was Daffodil day though, and I always try to take part to donate some money for cancer research.
 Got my garden shoes on! Ready for action.
Maggie thought it would be wonderful to help me. The best way she could think of to help me was to eat random plants and sneak up behind me and brush her bushy tail on my arm as I was reaching into potential spider nests and other tangled mystery holes. This was obviously unnerving to me, but I'm sure she didn't mean it. Did she? I love how she bit this plant, and then licked it better. Silly kitty.
Nico was not to be outdone. She helped by climbing up onto the double decker herb patch and getting comfortable on my chives and rosemary (my only two plants that hadn't died yet) As you can see, in the front row we have some failed cos lettuce and on the right, struggling broccoli plants. In the distance, you can glimpse the mess I was dealing with. The cat grass pots had roots coming through the bottom and were fixed to the pavers. It was bad!
The fruits of my labor are now being enjoyed on the windowsill in my kitchen. I'll keep you updated on my garden as I progress. I really want to get my herb garden up and running, some beautiful flowers in pots and a hanging succulent garden! It's a lot of work, but hopefully I can get it done before it gets too late in the season.

I'm notoriously bad at growing things, but I have a good attitude this year, I'm sure I can make my garden work! Are any of you expert gardeners? I'd love to hear your tips for not killing plants, or good flowers that are colorful but not poisonous to cats.