What I Wore - Green Eyed Cats

I know I've given hints here and there, but I've been dying to show off these cat leggings! They are from the lovely Uptights, and I can't tell you how much I adore them! Except when I'm at work and people follow me around meowing... That's kinda annoying. I get that enough at home ;)

C took these pictures of me on this day I blogged about before. The wall I am standing on used to lead onto a vast expanse of sand, with a pier over it, and water, about 20 metres down the beach. Now the water is up to the wall. I cannot remember how long it's been since I was here last, but I'm sure it's not tidal, to that extent. More like a couple of metres of sand/water exchange as the tide changes. Anyway. I don't suppose any of you have the answer, but I'm perplexed. I used to build sandcastles under where that water is...

I'm clearly having too much fun with the green eyed cats and my lovely loud green shoes, which make me over 6ft tall. It's all green and good around these parts!

Dress // Urban Outfitters (old)
Knitted Shirt // Dangerfield (old)
Cardigan // Urban Outfitters
Jacket // Somewhere on Haight St in San Fransisco (?!)
Green Eyed Cat Leggings // Uptights
Levels of Fun Flatform Shoes // Modcloth
Headband // Urban Outfitters (old)
Ring // Flea Markets
Apple badge // Vintage 70's thrifted

If you like the Uptights leggings, take a look at the shop, they are one of my lovely sponsors this month. On a personal note, I saw the Uptights feature on the Etsy blog some time ago and became an instant fan. I then met Penny (the mastermind behind the leggings) at an Etsy show n sell event. I'm lucky to have met such a lovely talented lady who actually lives in Sydney! We can have coffee and stuff.. What a novelty in this blogging land.

You can enter my current giveaway to win an Uptights skirt, OR a 3 month medium ad on Take-Hart. Don't get me started on Stephanie from Take-Hart. She's such a cutie-pie. Look at the dress her mom and her made together! So sweet. You should enter now, the competition closes really soon. Good Luck!