What I Wore - Orange!

Yes! I'm so pleased that everything in this outfit is thrifted or vintage except my rings and shoes. Not bad... I love the color of this dress, it's so much fun.

I love the fabric of this dress. I really don't like wearing long sleeved dresses, I don't know why, the sleeves feel too puffy, and I feel like everything matches too much. And the weather has to be cold, but not too cold. But if I'm in the right mood I can pull it off, and I've been wearing this dress a lot lately. It came with these amazing double purple velvet skinny belts, but I totally forgot until after I took these pictures. I might do another shoot in the future with the purple belts :)

Sorry about my pale, pale legs. I don't have a tan at the best of times, but it's the middle of winter here! This was one of a few random warm days we had where I go to wear bare legs.

I just had to make another animation for you today. I like how my hand is kind of breakdancing. Despite all my years of training hip-hop and break and all of those 'street' styles are so unnatural to me, I actually find them impossible. After being forced to point my toes EVERY time my feet leave the floor, and to make my arms and legs flow gracefully, I simply cannot perform the isolation required for those styles. I can really appreciate the skill involved. I once did a hip hop dance class, as the other class I was going to attend had sold out. I distinctly remember a baseball-capped, baggy jean-ed instructor screaming at me "There will be NO pointed toes in MY class!"

Dress // Vintage (I can't remember, but I have an inkling it was from North Carolina)
Belt // Thrifted (Vinnies where I live in Sydney)
Shoes // Urban Outfitters
Pink/Yellow Ring // Sportsgirl (old)
Necklace // Vintage (gift)
Dried Flower Brooch // Thrifted (sorry I didn't get a close up!)