Womanifesto Time

When Jes from The Militant Baker asked me to write my Womanifesto, I was flattered that she considered me capable of such a thing. Maybe she doesn't know me very well ;) I'm pretty meek in real life (and online too I think), and not really an expert (or confident) on the topics that I've seen addressed in Womanifestos floating about. That said, I do think it's one of those things that can really force you to address the good parts of your character and acknowledge the things that need work, and finally, make positive changes towards self-acceptance and growth.

So. With that in mind, I'm going to give you a few pieces of information before I get started on the big document ;) I am an advocate of people. I have a very hard time with people who want to be treated differently from others. I hesitate to use the word feminist* as the word itself implies 'for females'. I don't believe in that. I believe in everyone being equal and being judged upon their actions, not their gender, race, religion or otherwise. I am not saying that any particular group is seeking more than equality, I'm just explaining why I don't like to associate with any one group in particular!
* I know the meaning is different, the word just has connotations now

With that out of the way, here is my Womanifesto! I wish I had more time to make it more poetic, but as usual, you're going to get some random stream-of-consciousness from me! Like it or lump it ;)

I am Shell and I am unique, thoughtful, respectful, creative, intelligent and kind. I love these things about myself and I will not change them to suit others expectations or insecurities.

I am proud of my body and I respect it. I will feed it with good, wholesome food and not overindulge (except on special occasions ;P) or take the easy way out. I will exercise my body to keep it fit and healthy as I age. I WILL NOT be made to feel guilty for this by anyone. This is my choice and responsibility to myself and those who care about me.

I will not accept 'friendships' that make me feel rejected, sad, angry, confused or lonely. I WILL surround myself with like-minded people who are genuine and accepting.

I will not think the worst of people.

I don't have all the answers and my life is a work in progress.

I am independent and strong, and I am entitled to be vulnerable and gentle without forfeiting this. I am allowed to make mistakes, they help me to grow and learn.

I will chase my dreams and ignore the internal AND external voices that tell me I'm too old, I'm wasting my time, my dreams are unrealistic, I'm not good enough, I should be happy with what I have. While I am chasing my dreams, I will stop and enjoy life and the beautiful people around me. The point of life is NOT the goal, it's the journey and I will not forget that again.

My feelings are legitimate, regardless of how irrational they are ;)

I will let go of the past
I will quit this perfectionist shit (well, I'll be kinder to myself)
I will achieve my dreams
I will be the best person I can be, to myself and those around me
I will not step on others to get forward in life
I will live my life in the most respectful way I can, to people, animals and this earth that I call home
I will be honest with myself even if it hurts
I will be honest with others even if I think it will hurt them
I will control less and go with the flow more. It's when I am happiest.
I will have new experiences and meet new people

I am allowed to be happy and healthy inside and out. I will live my life to the fullest and appreciate every moment I have. My life is a gift and I am grateful for it. Meow ^-^

The Militant Baker