Found #27

Highland Silk Tunic Birdhouse via: Milk From A Thistle
This dress is amazing, I love the print and the silk fabric looks so floaty and beautiful! There are a bunch of other products with this print, so you should take a look at this Australian made and designed fashion label. Just beautiful.

This lovely wallpaper from Miss Print was first called to my attention when I saw this post on Design Sponge. Isn't it fun?

I might as well keep going with the nature theme we have this week! When I saw this, I wished I had visited when I was in Pennsylvania. Oh well, another reason to go back, I suppose. I love tree-top walks, it's so peaceful up there in the canopy.

via: Behance
These flower constructions by Anne ten Donkelaar are incredibly beautiful. I wish I has the patience to make things like this! I can imagine some bits sticking to my finger, and then a pin going awry, a bit of a tantrum happening and some torn-to-shreds paper flowers. Probably best to leave it to the experts ;)

This twig necklace from Turtle Love Co. is so cute! A subtle piece of woodland around your neck :)

via: Modcloth
I keep checking this little ring collection out, but I haven't gone there yet. They are so cute though, right? And you get four rings in the deal. I think I like the foxy man the best. Or the bunny :)

image via: Maiedae
I keep telling you, I'm getting rather slack at keeping up with my blog reading. Or I read something that is great and forget to take note. As I'm so behind, this is technically not from this week, but I found it an inspiring read, nonetheless.  Savannah from Maiedae shared her 20 week update into her Wellness journey. A nice kick-start for anyone looking for a lifestyle change as she assesses her positive results!

Thanks for reading, as usual, I love to hear your thoughts, or just tell me what you're up to this weekend!
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