Found #28 Proudly Australian Made

It's been awhile since I created an Australian themed Found, but I love doing this to remind me of all the amazing things right on our doorstep, as well as reminding everyone out there that shopping local is a GOOD thing. It really encourages your community to thrive, it helps small business and you often get a unique product that has been crafted with love, not on a production line.

These shoes are a very recent discovery for me. But it was love at first sight. There are so many cheap oxfords floating about, and you can tell a carefully designed and made pair when you see them. This be them. An added bonus for me is that the designer used to work as a podiatrist. Who else could you trust more with your shoe designs? Really? These beauties are made in Sydney. I love the unique touches like the teal innersole and the little 'button' on the side of the heel. So beautiful. There's a pretty big range of other shoe designs on the Bared Shoes website, you should definitely check it out!

I love this hardwood iPhone case, which is a result of a collaboration between the Geelong based team at A Skulk of Foxes and Sydney Illustrator Andrea Smith. The case is made from cherry hardwood and the design is so intricate and beautiful. It's too bad I'm slow on the uptake of technology, I don't have an iPhone 4/s otherwise one of these would be on my radar big time!

via: Lab 305

Lab 305 are also based in Melbourne and create adorable laser cut jewelery and brooches. These are three of my favourites. How adorable is the dinosaur?! I know a Lizosaurus who would love this! As an added bonus, you can hire their laser cutting virtuosos to do your own work. How great is that?

Gretel Girl has some lovely portraits that are born from a love of both crafting and drawing. They are really sweet and you should go to the website to check them out. I had to share this shadow puppet bunny brooch though, it's way too cute. And it comes with a bonus storage space, an embroidery hoop with vintage fabric that you can keep on your wall when you're out and about showing off the bunny. Adorable.

via: Sandy

Sandy Designs has some lovely clothes, and in the store there is a great range of locally designed fashion and accessories. I'm loving this green cotton skirt, the brass buttons are just lovely, and it's looking good for summer time! It comes in a nice chambray blue cotton too.
via: Truso

A new Etsy find for me, from Sydney (soon to be Melbourne) based label Truso. Handmade in Sydney from up-cycled garments and materials, these wallets look amazing! I love the attention to detail and the amazing colours. I really love Art Deco, so I'm sold on this beautiful design.

 photo via: The Thousands

My favourite cafe in Sydney is The Jack of Hearts and Jude. Besides the fact that they read my blog (hi!!) they are listed here because they serve organic Australian grown hand picked coffee beans which are air roasted on the premises. Food is local and organic where possible, and it has the added bonus of tasting amazing (you can also purchase organic produce to take home!) Definitely the best cup of coffee you can get in Sydney. (I've tried a lot of coffee shops, trust me!) Plus it's a family affair, and decorated with family items from the 70's as well as thrifted cups mugs and souvenir spoons :)

Photo by Josie Withers via: Broadsheet Sydney

I tried Guilia's in Chippendale, Sydney the other day and it was pretty amazing. It's set up inside what used to be a 100 year old butcher shop, which kind of makes me sad. You know what's happening to a neighbourhood when a cafe lands in a butcher shop. Anyway. Their blackboard menu could leave you standing for ages trying to make up your mind as it all sounds delectable. I ate a spinach, chickpea and lemon tahini sandwich and it was mmm. mmm. Plus they mix real juice sodas and have yummy fruit smoothies too. 

OK. I wish I was 8 years old right now. Blaxland Riverside Park opened in Sydney on June 1 and I need to go there. It looks like the most incredible park ever! There is an amazing spider web climbing rope and massive slides with tunnels. It looks incredible. Do you think I can sneak a ride on the slide?! Blaxland Riverside Park is in Sydney at Olympic Park.

In the spirit of shopping locally, I thought I'd include a couple of DIYs this week from Design Sponge, as you can't get more local than making something yourself, right? I spotted both of these today, and as usual, they look great!

Tape Sponge Lamp via: Design*Sponge

There is absolutely NO way I'd have the patience to make this myself. But just imagine, a lamp made from masking tape. That looks like this. It's pretty amazing, I find myself wondering, where do they come up with this stuff?!

Sunkissed Ombre Stripe Pillow via: Design*Sponge

This project is so simple but really effective. And all you really need is an old pillowcase, some painters tape and some bleach. It looks so pretty, I might try it out with some of my old fabric pieces. Could be a really interesting way to create stencils on fabric... hmmm...

I hope you enjoyed my Aussie made Found this week!