Guest Post - Jeeze, Julia! Autumn Feature

Hi, Kitty + Buck readers! I’m Julia, the seamstress and blogger behind Jeeze, Julia! and I’m so happy to be here today. Although it’s nearly springtime for Kitty in Australia, it’s just about autumn here in the States! You know what that means - pumpkin flavored everything, scarves, boots, and changing leaves.

We’re starting to think about snuggling up in our woolies and settling in for the winter. But first, we here in New England are all about watching the foliage burst into color. We haven’t seen a lot of treetops change just yet, as the days are still pretty warm, but it begins with just a few yellow or pink leaves falling, and that’s how you know it’s almost time for the best fall traditions to take place.

For my honey and I that means mushroom hunting in the woods. He loves mycology and I just love tromping around amidst the trees, so today we set out to see what we could find. Excited about the slight chill in the air I wore a vintage woolen skirt that I thrifted from Goodwill, wool knee socks and boots, with a lacy top, and second hand scarf. I had debated about bringing a sweater along with me, but thought that it wouldn’t be necessary - how wrong I was! Fall is definitely on its way.

We did find some lovely little spores and had such a wonderful time breathing fresh air and listening to the wind blow through the leaves. Won’t be long until those leaves are skittering about on the ground and the branches are bare! Honestly, I can’t wait. How about you - is it spring where you are, or fall? Are you excited for the change?

Scarf // gift from a friend
Lace top // from a clothing swap (SWAPmaine)
Skirt // thrifted from Goodwill
Boots // ModCloth
Twig engagement ring // Kristin Coffin Jewelry

Thanks for having me, Shell!
xx, Julia

Thank you Julia for sharing your beautiful pictures from a special part of the world! I am really envious that you live in the northeast USA, it is definitely one of my favourite places. I can't wait to visit during fall one year :)

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