Photo A Day #182 The Scent of Woodsmoke

Well, I've been in a lot of pain from my wisdom teeth, or recent lack thereof. So I took it pretty easy today. I had coffee with Penny and was lucky enough to get a sneak peek into some super-cute new fabric designs she has coming! Shhh. I also paid a visit to Ikea, which I don't do very often, I really prefer to get unique furniture, but it's good for the essentials. I got myself a sewing table :D There's also some new pots for the garden and other bits and pieces.

On the way home, there was a huge traffic jam, and a lot of smoke. We live next to the bush (a forest, not a single shrub or anything), so bushfires are always a concern. Thankfully it was just hazard reduction, which always makes me feel better, knowing that the excess flammables have been removed prior to summer. I think perhaps the wind changed direction and blew a large amount of smoke in our direction, partially closing the road.

I took these images from our backyard, the light is always beautiful after a fire.