Photo A Day #183 Great Ocean Road Part 2

After leaving Melbourne, we very quickly entered Great Ocean Road territory. I'm going to admit it, I wanted to see Bells Beach, just in case there was a fifty year storm. I wonder if anyone watched the same bad films as I did....

You can perhaps make out the whale in the centre of the water, just to the left
I'm glad we stopped by, because I saw my first ever whale in the wild :D Unfortunately I only had the prime lens on hand, so he's a speck in the photo, but wow, it was pretty exciting! I spotted a spurt of water and then a majestic tail. It was so amazing.

Here's the official entry to the Great Ocean Road. I should mention, here in Australia, we like naming things with descriptors. The Blue Mountains, The Snowy Mountains, The Great Ocean Road, Shelly Beach. You know. We're imaginative down here...

We stayed in a classic Australian home with a wraparound balcony and enjoyed the stunning sunset while eating our dinner. The sky turned every amazing shade of pink. The only thing between us and Antarctica is that body of water.