Photo A Day #185 Great Ocean Road Part 4

In Apollo Bay we stopped for a delicious lunch in a deli which included my first ever pumpkin pie! I've wanted to try pumpkin pie for ages, it's not something you really find in Australia. I did try to make one myself once, but I really should have ignored the call for rum in the recipe. I put in half of the suggested amount and it still tasted rummy and horrible. I'm not counting that experience! THIS deli-made pumpkin pie was delicious. I might even try again, sans rum.

We decided to go for a drive to an old lighthouse. Along the way, the road was covered in herds of cows. They were pretty funny, not bothered by the cars at all. We spotted this cow on the side of the road and had to pull over, I was laughing so hysterically. Meet Lloyd Christmas, the cow edition. Poor lady with a bowl cut. She was pretty perturbed by C taking her picture.

A little further along the road, we had another critter first. In-the-wild Koalas! This is something you don't see everyday. I was pretty excited. I've 'held' a Koala before (you don't really hold them, you kind of cuddle them while their keeper holds them), you just don't see them often in the wild.

They sleep a LOT and in every state but Victoria are listed as "vulnerable", which is not endangered, but they are becoming rare due to their habitat being destroyed. C got some awesome shots with the Nikon zoom lens! How cute is this fella? So fluffy and snuggly. He was a little bothered by the paparazzi though, some people saw us stopped and realised we'd found a koala, so a bunch of other cars stopped as well. Every time someone drove past, he shrunk in a little tighter and pulled his ears back tight! I felt really bad, so we let him be.

After checking out the wildlife, there wasn't enough time to really explore the lighthouse, we had to get to the 12 Apostles in time for another sunset!

Our BnB was lovely and full of old books, along with items collected on world travels
This place is beautiful, but I'm not sure why it's such a huge attraction though. C kept telling me, "It's just ROCKS" haha. There were a couple of hundred people there to watch the sunset, but apparently on a 'bad' day it can reach 10,000. If that was the case, I wouldn't have even seen them! I don't deal with 10,000 people in one spot for anything. The sunset was beautiful though, so I'm glad we made it.

Photobombed by a skeleton-kid and his little brother. Cool.

Gratuitous sunset photography follows:

If you've been counting, you'll notice that there aren't actually 12 Apostles. They keep falling into the sea, so they are a limited resource! Those remaining rocks modeled like pros for us though. Aren't they pretty?


All photos by C and myself