Photo A Day #186 Great Ocean Road Part 5

The morning after visiting the 12 Apostles, we checked out some more attractions on the coastline, including Loch Ard Gorge. I can't even explain how cold it was on this beach. It looks lovely, but it was definitely close to freezing with the wind chill! Straight off Antarctica, that breeze. C and I huddled and ran down the stairs onto the beach, gasped a few times, and ran back to the sanctuary of the car.

Just a strange UFO in Warrnambool. (technically not flying, but you know...)

We did this side trip into the crater of an extinct volcano in Tower Hill. It was eerily peaceful inside there and quite beautiful with lots of quiet groves of trees. It would have been a nice spot for a wander and a picnic, but we had a lot of driving to do, and no accommodation booked for that evening, so we just passed through.

The road wound back out to the coast, and we visited a few more landmarks along the way, including Th Bay of Martyrs. Another beach that I wish was warmer, they look like such wonderful swimming spots!