Photo A Day #189 Great Ocean Road Part 6

After driving all day, we found a quaint little seaside town with quite a beautiful beach. We asked after accommodation in a few places, only to be turned away. Luckily, on the road in, we had noticed a farm with rooms available, so we drove in to find out if they would have us for the night. I'm so glad we did!

We had our own cottage with a lovely wood fire, and were free to wander the farm as we pleased. The paddock next to our little house had two sheep with 2 newborn lambs which were only 2 days old! They were so darling:)

We went for a walk before the sun set, there was apparently a mob of kangaroos on the property, but we couldn't find them. We did find this beautiful horse though, as well as more sheep, which were being guarded by an alpaca. I never knew this, but alpacas are used to guard sheep because they get really possessive over them. This alpaca gave us a what for when we got too close!

There was also a couple of emus, and we found out the farm used to be an emu farm, and these guys were some leftovers.

Around the back paddock I spotted this skull, it was so beautiful with tufts of grass growing from it and some nice mossy green over the bone. As the sun went down, we headed back to the cottage to warm ourselves by the fire.