What I Wore - Hello Sailor

These shots are from last weekend at the pier. I went a little matchy on the whole outfit, because sometimes that's fun right? Nautical colors, wooden sunglasses, it doesn't get much more sailor than that, right? I'm talking fashion sailor, real sailors are much tougher than this look ;) Today I had two wisdom teeth liberated from my skull, so I apologize if my writing is a bit haphazard. I'm doing my best in the fog here. My surgeon let me keep my teeth though, so I need to do something with them! I'm getting a third (and final) wisdom tooth removed in 3 weeks or so, but after that, what should I make? A necklace? Charm bracelet? I love the idea, sorry if it freaks anyone out :)

Sorry about the nanna-knees, I love these tights, but clearly they get a little saggy on me. The We Love Colors standard color tights are a bit loose on me, so I really should fork out the extra $$ and buy the microfibre ones, they fit a bit more snugly :)

I love my new sunglasss from Tumbleweeds! They even smell nice and woody. They are a little large for me (I see a pattern emerging here) but I'm scared to have them adjusted in case the timber breaks. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions on this front? I would hate to break them, but they are a little loose. I almost lost them in the water when I peered over the edge!

I'm going back to my hairdresser in a couple of weeks, and I'm really excited he is letting me have a bleach top-up. It's grown out of my fringe entirely, so I can't wait to have some brighter colors through more of my hair again! I'm quite enjoying the pink right now though :)

 Just a couple of dopey kids playing on the beach in boots.
I had to include my jumping fail. A couple of things are happening here. First, I'm pretty excited to be jumping... Second, the bench nearly toppled over as I jumped, and for a split second I thought I was going to tumble over the edge into the water. Oh, and, it looks like I'm jumping into a tiny hole on the ground, like a B-grade sci-fi movie...

Shirt // c/o Oasap
Skirt // Urban Outfitters (old)
Tights // We Love Colors
Boots // Modcloth
Sunglasses // Tumbleweeds Handcraft
Necklace // Thrifted
Cat Brooch // The DAN300 Group

All photos by C, except the two sandy ones :)