What I Wore - Homemade Scarf and a Swirly Skirt

Hello :) Is it just me, or is this week going super-fast? I can barely keep track of the hours, let alone the days, but I just checked and it's Thursday tomorrow. I suppose it means one more day until I have my bleach redone so my hair will be more colourful, and 2 more days until the weekend. I am pretty excited to tell you that I'm off to see The Labyrinth in an amazing old Art Deco theatre, with a dress-up competition!!! Ahhh! The Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies of all time and I love Art Deco and dress-ups. I'm so excited! I promise I will tell you all about it after I've been.

This scarf is the first thing I ever knitted. I think I made it a little big, it's more like a blanket, but it is so warm and snuggly! I think this was probably my final opportunity to wear it this season as we are warming up down under.

I love this skirt too, it's nice and long so I'm not constantly worrying about walking up stairs or catching a breeze, the only problem is that sometimes is makes a mullet of itself. You know, long at the back, short at the front? It's not supposed to be like that, I just must have an odd pot belly shape that it doesn't like ;)

Skirt // Dangerfield
Blouse // Cue
Scarf // Handmade by me
Necklace // c/o Jessica-T
Belt // Modcloth
Bow (on scarf) // Big Bill from Kitty & Buck Etsy (also handmade by yours truly)
Tights // Generic Opaque black
Shoes // Urban Outiftters (old)
Headband // Cobbled together from Christmas wrapping elastic ribbon one year
Sunglasses // Tumbleweeds
Ring // Sportsgirl
Skull Earrings // Handmade by my future mother in law as a gift to me!