Found #30 Buy Nothing New Month


So, October is "Buy Nothing New Month", which is a concept born in Melbourne, and spreading worldwide. I love a good challenge, especially one with a social conscience. The goal of the project is to buy nothing new for an entire month, aside from food, medicine and other essentials. It's not about going without. It is about making thoughtful purchases/trades in order to reduce landfill and conserve resources.

We live in such a consumer-driven society, it's nice to take a step back every now and again and consider our needs versus our wants. I know each week I post some cute dresses and shoes for this Found segment, this is a nice reminder that we don't 'need' something new all the time.
image via: Buy Nothing New

If you'd like to support your local economy and still take part in "Buy Nothing New" month, why not eat at a locally owned and run coffee shop/cafe? Or purchase your food from a farmer's market? And who needs more excuses to go treasure hunting in thrift stores? Not me! In Australia, I am part of a network called "Freecycle", which I am pretty sure is a worldwide network of message boards. You can post your unwanted items for others to claim, and you can claim items that others post. I've gotten a brand new mattress, pizza stone, mirror, books, camera lenses and Polaroid cameras for free! Someone else's trash was definitely my treasure. I've also given a lot of items for free including furniture and computer parts. Re-homing my unwanted items has been really rewarding.

This week I have collected some amazing vintage items, as well as some images to remind us of the natural beauty outside of the shopping malls :) I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you're going to take the challenge!

Check out this adorable 60's Mod Dress! I used to work on Carnaby Street when I lived in London, I would've loved to be there in it's heyday and seen all of the mod ladies and gents strutting their stuff!

Peter Sutherland has a great range of photographs on his website. I love flocks of birds and black and white photography. This picture is beautiful.

This is a home on an island off Iceland. Despite the fact I imagine the wind chill would be pretty much unbearable, I would LOVE to have a fortress of solitude like this to escape to.
via: Imgur

Another beautiful place, this time a barn in NY, from one of my favourite Tumblr's: Cabin Porn. Introduced to me by my better half, as most cool things are that come my way.
 via: Cabin Porn

I just discovered this lovely shop/website today, it's a vintage clothing store based in Queensland. I'm taken away by the beautiful photography, I always have a bit of trouble visualizing a vintage item that isn't already perfect, (I'm getting better at imagining how I can improve that baggy dress made of perfect fabric though!) the photography and styling on Mais Oui Vintage has my imagination running overtime! Just beautiful.

If there are two things that you can always find in a thrift store, it's a denim shirt and a crochet blanket. Going along with this week's theme, why not combine the two? Sincerely Kinsey has an imaginative DIY (as always) showing you how to do just that! Goodness knows there are a lot of vintage blankets and denim requiring some love and attention.

I will admit, I had a buying something new misdemeanor the other day, but I was buying something for myself for my birthday from my mom, so it doesn't count does it? It's all about honesty here on Kitty & Buck ;) I'll be good for the rest of the month, and I will share some of my thrifty finds lately, I have had a few good moments after a drought.

Is anyone else up for the challenge?