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This week, I thought I'd focus on some Halloween flavoured items, since I don't really get to celebrate Halloween here in Australia. Well, I do, it generally comprises of C and I getting all excited, decorating, me baking, him creating some incredible pumpkin carving (I scoop out the pumpkin) and then getting dressed up with candy ready. We watch some spooky movies and get a mix tape of halloween music going. Then we wait. And wait some more. Never any trick-or-treaters. (except that one time our neighbours kids found out we had free candy and came over to get some. Mind you, they didn't bother dressing up or anything.) So sad. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't care how old I am, I WILL go trick-or-treating one year, in America. There will be leaves on the ground and perhaps a little fire pit to make s'mores over. And there will DEFINITELY be a maize maze adventure. Oh the fun I shall have....

Tooth Cupcakes via: Erica's Sweet Tooth

I almost squealed with delight when I saw these 3 recipes by Erica. Teeth things! And I love the fact she has a sweet food blog whilst studying dentistry. I bet she drums up a lot of clients by tempting them with sugary food and then offering to assist with their dental problems ;P hahaa.

Erica's teeth moulded in chocolate via: Erica's Sweet Tooth
Vampire Caramel Apples via: Erica's Sweet Tooth

John Kenn's Monster drawings on post-it notes are amazing! C sent these to me ages ago, they are perfect to share for Halloween. Who doesn't love post-it notes? Who doesn't love monster drawings? A match made in heaven. His beautiful illustrations remind me a lot of two of my favourite illustrators, Edward Gorey, and C himself!

via: John Kenn

Edward Gorey alphabet Illustration via (original source: Edward Gorey's brain)

You can also get awesome silver jewellery and other great items at the Edward Gorey House shop. How cute is this bat?

This post would not be complete without some amazing jewellery from Blood Milk. These are two of my favourite pieces.

Flatte Black Nail Polish via: KO

If you subtracted a couple of characters, and added some crazy stupid dancing to spooky tunes, you'd have a pretty good visual of our Halloween celebrations right here.

Instead of the blog post of the week, I've picked out a couple of fun Halloween costumes. The dog one made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. (sorry if you've seen these before) <- If you know the original sources of the top two, let me know and I'll give credit. Images like this just go out of control from sharing an it's virtually impossible to find who owns them. 

via: hahamag

Are you celebrating Halloween? What are your traditions? I hope to carve my pumpkin tomorrow, and I'll let you know if anything more exciting than that happens around here: )


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