Guest Post with My Billie - Halloween Mask DIY

Hi! Some of you may know me, but for those of you who don't, my name is Melanie and I run the show over at My Billie. That's my design and lifestyle blog and also where I house my blog design services. I really love a good DIY, so today I wanted to share with you some cute and fun masks to make for a Halloween costume (or maybe a mask party or to use as photobooth props!).

After you've gathered your materials you'll want to create a stencil for the base of your masks. It's a good idea to do a rough sketch of each animal you want to make so you can reference it as your altering the face shape. After that you pretty much just cut out different shapes for each animal and glue them on! Check out the images below to see how I did mine:

The only thing left to do is cut out eye holes and attach your elastic thread! I used an xacto knife to cut the eyes out and then poked a little hole on each side of the face to string the thread through. Simple and fun! Happy crafting!
Thanks so much for sharing this DIY Melanie! I love Halloween and animal masks, so this is pretty much right up my alley :) You should definitely visit Melanie's blog, it's full of more great DIYs as well as some really helpful design related tutorials and lovely bits and pieces from Melanie's wonderful brain, you will love it!