Kitty & Buck Halloween Special 2012

Artwork by Frank Frazetta, The Sea Witch - Eerie Comics issue 8 (digitally altered)
Howdy, Kitty and Buckers

Kitty has spent all day digging me out from under the mysterious patch of loose soil behind the old McKillagutty Mansion, so that I can program a youtube playlist with the sounds that have most disturbed my supposedly eternal slumber lately. Your ghostly hostly has literally worn his bony digits to stumps to bring you...


The Kitty & Buck 2012 Samhain / Hallowe'en music mix.

There's a little something for everyone. Old people strumming wire pulled taught on planks of painted wood for the dinosaurs in the audience. And lots of glacially spooktacular beep-boops for the kids who grew up inside a locked house that only played 80's kid's movies on repeat.

It's Far out.

Also for your viewing pleasure I've hotlinked to this bat-erific comic hosted over on MONSTER BRAINS - it comes from the twisted mind of Junji Ito, who speaks a made-up language called Japanese and lives on the moon.

Before you go out to hustle candy from the cowering mortals in your neighborhood, be sure to dig these vintage Halloween safety videos. Oh, dread! For the love of the the wizards that live in the noses of fibbers - beware!
Part 1
Part 2

Because the cartoon special that used to be on youtube has disappeared like the Mary Celeste - I curse you generation of over-stimulated internet users to turn out all the lights in your dungeons and use your freakish imaginations to make the words in this story of the REAL story of halloween come to life in the theater of yer skulls! Ray Im-A-Ghost-Now Bradbury's The Halloween Tree!

On no! While you weren't watching this cat has snuck up behind you!


Count Cae-daver

Thanks Count Cae-daver. May our little ghost-cat Chibi be in a place where she is not being eaten by man-pires.

Raven Kitty McNight - it's my goth name (points to the person who got that joke)