Meet My October Sponsor Team

I'm really pleased to introduce you to a wonderful group of sponsors this month. We still have the large sponsor group giveaway to come, which I bet you'll be really excited about! But for now, grab your tea and biscuits (not the American kind, the English kind) and settle in, because you're about to discover some great new blogs and shops.

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favourite post: Jessie in Real Life

favourite post: A Walk

favourite product: Pink Three Strand Bow Headband

favourite post: Sweet Surprises
favourite product: Nine Places We Love

favourite product: Wine Cooler Dress - Minty

favourite post: An Autumn Date
favourite post: Disney World 2012
favourite post: Fun With Long Exposures

favourite post: How Does Your Garden Grow

favourite post: Maguba Clogs Giveaway
(quick! you still have a chance to enter. I love how pretty Fritha looks, and Wilf...what a cutie-pie!)
favourite post: Snippets of New York

Nat is also now offering blog design services. You can grab 10% off with the code KITTYANDBUCK

Special Small Sponsor shout out (I don't normally do this, buy hey, it's October and I'll do what I want!)

Thank you to all of my wonderful sponsors, it has been a real pleasure having you. If you're interested in sponsoring Kitty & Buck, there is still a couple of days to get a special October discount, you can find the details here.