November Sponsor Discounts!

We're on the home stretch of 2012, can you believe it? Everyone is saying it, so it must be true, this year has gone way too quickly for my liking. There's 2 months left though, plenty of time to get lots of things done, right? I'm going pretty well with my 2012 goals, but there is still a tonne of things I want to get completed before the year is out.

Down to business. I'm working on some changes around here, not content-wise, just planning on tidying up a few loose ends with my layout and introducing a couple of new elements to keep things interesting. It has been a super-busy month here and I have updated my stats and interviews/features on my sponsor page. Even if you're not looking at advertising, you should check out some of the awesome blogs who have featured and interviewed me, they are all lovely and I'm incredibly thankful for their support. I'd love to repay their kindness by sending some of my lovely readers in their general direction :)

I'll be changing my sponsorship prices in the new year to reflect the lovely (thank you!) increase in readership since I set them. I work really hard on this blog, and use my sponsorship earnings to support other blogs and hopefully soon, my Etsy shop getting properly off the ground.

Because October is my birthday month, I've decided to give you a present. I really love giving presents more than receiving them, is anyone else like that? For some reason I feel a little awkward when someone gives me a gift. So for you, I have some coupon codes valid until the end of October, which will give you 15% off a Large or Small ad:
Large 15% off code is passion
Small 15% off code is petite passion

I also have an ongoing 17% discount if you purchase 3 consecutive months, just enter '3' in the quantity box during the purchase process.
Large 17% off for 3 consecutive ads code is kitty3fer
Small 17% off for 3 consecutive ads code is kitty teeny3

If you'd like to purchase ad space, just head to my Sponsor page. If you have any questions at all, please email me: kittyandbuck [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com

Thanks for reading that involved post, I'm looking forward to November, I have more of the same, some photography, hopefully one or two fashion related DIYs (there are NOT enough days in the week to post all of my ideas!). I also have at least one new feature coming, which I hope you'll enjoy but for now, it's a secret. I love holding secrets as much as I love giving presents! I hope you've had a great October, and a huge warm welcome to all of my new readers, and a big hug to all my regulars :) Thanks for visiting me, I'm surprised and excited every day :)


p.s. There is just one of the two XL ads available for November, and if you miss out and would like to lock in one for December, you can purchase now and be put in the queue. Passionfruit Ads are cool like that :)