Photo A Day #190 Great Ocean Road Part 7

Trying to keep on farm-time, we got up fairly early and had breakfast at the beach we had found the day before. There was a seal playing in the surf, this particular cape is home to Australia's largest mainland seal colony. There was a sea lion playing in the surf just here. but you can't see him with my non-zoom lens, sorry!

We drove down to the very edge of cape and went for a walk to find the petrified forest that we'd heard someone mention. The land on this part of the coast was like an alien landscape. It's very desolate and very windy. We found the petrified forest only to discover that it isn't actually a petrified forest, it is just strange erosion on the rocks. We both felt SO cheated. We'd just trekked over rocky terrain in the freezing wind, only to find that the tourist brochures (and signs pointing to the site) LIED.

We did enjoy watching the wind farm though. Gosh those turbines are strange. It's surreal being in a vast landscape with no buildings around, but these huge man-made wind farms humming away. I can't think of a more perfect place for a wind farm, there was certainly no shortage of the resource!

The Great Ocean Road Trip is almost done... Short but sweet :)