Photo A Day #193 Lovely Letter ONE

I love daylight savings! Today I made it home from work with a smidge of daylight, so I managed to get a little gardening done, plus the ladies (the cat ladies) went to work briefly (they lounged on the grass) There are some beautiful flowers coming to my garden soon, I can't wait!

Another great thing about today is: I received my first Lovely Letter from my wonderful partner, Rin. As I expected, it's pretty amazing... Lots of lovely notes inside and other special bits including some cute photos of Rin, vintage stamps, a map gift tag and a fortune telling fish. (The fish told me I am in love) One of our Lovely Letter participants, Kendra, has created a Flickr group so you can show your letters, please remember to cover addresses and personal details before uploading pictures!

I have to remind myself that Rin is a professional at this... no pressure! Don't forget to join the Flickr group, I can't wait to see your letters.