Photo A Day #194 Paper Flowers

Oh yes, today was a lovely day! I managed to drag myself out of bed early and attend my "Body Attack" class, which is a dreadful as it sounds... When I arrived home there was a huge storm cloud looming overhead, so I decided to weed the garden before the rain fed my out-of-control dandelions and creeping lawn-destroyer any further. After cleaning up, C and I ventured into town for a wander and stopped by a pretty new cafe for lunch. I can still imagine the taste of my fresh fruit passionfruit soda... mmm mmm. We decided to just wander around the city, holding hands and checking out some of the spring colour, including these pretty paper flowers on display in the Queen Victoria Building.

It was so refreshing to have a day to wander, no agenda, no deadlines in front of the computer. This is how weekends should be.

C graciously snapped a photo of me, taking a photo of my feet. I couldn't help it, my shoes matched the tiles brilliantly! You can find that one on Instagram ;) @KittyAndBuck

I insisted on taking C's photo as well! I need some lovely shots for when we're old and wrinkly ;) xox

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, whatever you got up to.