Photo A Day #196 Florida Part 1

Hi! It's time for another road trip update. I might explain these posts again since I have a few lovely new followers and these have been far and few between lately. You can click on the "travel" tag to get all of the posts from our great road trip if you want to read back over a few. (There's an Aussie Great Ocean Road trip and a few other bits filed under 'travel' too)

Last year, C and I embarked on an East Coast adventure, first taking in Montana and then Niagara Falls. We then hired a car and traveled through NY up to Maine and all the way down to Miami, then across to New Orleans. We also visited Tucson, Arizona, so I could finally see where C grew up. It was an amazing trip and I hope you enjoy my travel photos and anecdotes, we met some lovely (and interesting) people and I can't wait for Round 2! (maybe next year?)

We needed to go to Florida for a few reasons.
1. To visit Coral Castle in Miami.
2. Disney World
3. Harry Crews

I'll get to those later. For now, I'm just going to share something I thought was a lie on tourist t-shirts and postcards, the sunsets! We get pretty amazing sunsets in Australia, but in Florida, just wow. They were pretty spectacular. I suppose it's the ONE good thing about Florida being so flat, there's a lot more sky to admire :) We witnessed every beautiful colour from flaming reds and oranges, to undersea turquoise and even peach. It was really lovely driving and gawking at the beauty of nature.

That's me and my hire car. As you can see, I just got out with my GPS in hand. I was SO excited to see this little fellow, her name is Mimi. By this point in the journey, I was having major cat withdrawals and was getting cuddly with any old stray... Mimi was so tiny, I thought she was a kitten, but no, my cats are just enormous. She wasn't a stray either, she lived next door to our B+B. I don't think she minded the extra attention, and I got some cat cuddle quota filled :)

The next Florida post will be at Coral Castle, you're going to love it, I promise!