September in Review

Another month has passed by already, can you believe it? Here are some of my favourite posts from September.

This month has been fairly uneventful, mostly due to my wisdom tooth surgery. I had two teeth removed and unfortunately developed a dry socket in one, which put me out of action for about two weeks :( It's on the mend now, but I'm going in again in November to get the other side done. This time I will rest instead of trying to go to work, and hopefully I'll recover faster. I'll have 3 big teeth to make something out of too!

I watched some great movies while I was feeling sorry for myself, but the highlight was definitely seeing The Labyrinth on the big screen! I know every line, but refrained from saying it out loud, my mom told me that was annoying when I was a child and used to do it... It was pretty surreal, there was dress ups but I didn't have time to get my costume together. Most people who dressed up (about 8) went as Masquerade Ball extras, but the winner was a guy dressed as The Bog of Eternal Stench. Best part of the movie was when the girl sitting next to me leaned over and said, "I've never seen it so big before" right as David Bowie was onscreen in his *ahem* tight pants. She didn't mean anything by it, but oh, how I laughed! The theatre was filled with nervous and *excited* giggles each time the Goblin King took centre stage :D

Jeff: Who Lives at Home, which was really well written and entertaining as well as meaningful. I highly recommend it, there were some great laughs too.
Twin Peaks: No explanation needed, watching it AGAIN. I'm hoping this time I make it to the end of series 2. So far I've only ever made it about 2/3 way through before giving up. We also watched "Fire Walk With Me", which, though it is a prequel, I would definitely say DO NOT watch it if you've never seen the TV series, it will totally ruin everything ;)

image via: Wildwood Website
Wildwood, by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis (Book one)
Technically, a kid's book, but in all honesty... Sometimes kid's books are more meaningful and better written than a best seller... I'm looking at you, 50 Shades of Beige. And I have to break up the existentialist musings occasionally.

I've been working on a few DIYs for this little blog, so keep an eye out for them in the next few weeks.
Spring Gardening: I've been planting up a storm, lots of new flowers, herbs and veggies have been going in, I will share some pictures once I'm done. I had a run-in with a couple of red-Back Spiders, which are potentially deadly. Urgh. One of the hazards of gardening in Australia.
Gym: I'm trying desperately to get into a routine again, I have this plan: Monday - Pilates, Tuesday - Body Combat (martial arts), Wednesday - Body Pump (weights), Saturday - Body Pump (weights, Sunday - Body Attack (cardio of the most intense kind! as the name suggests) It's a bit stop and start right now with my teeth and other things getting in the way, but I suppose by mid-November I will be really back into the swing of it.

Finally, I wrote way back in this post about how I would like to remind myself of things I am happy about and grateful for. Somehow my weekly goal fell by the wayside, so I thought I should pop it in here.
Grateful for
Sunny days, time spent with C, having an organised garden, future food I will be harvesting from the garden!, new locally made shoes (sharing soon!), cuddly kitties, day trips to the mountains, antique shop treasures, snail mail, making a little sewing room corner, flowers, soil under my nails, crickets chirping, childhood nostalgia, supportive ladies in blogland - and that includes all my lovely new readers, thanks for visiting my blog, you guys make me smile :)

That was pretty long, thanks for reading :) (It's a double post to make up for skipping yesterday's post!)