Turtle Love Co. Vintage Style Council

Well, October just got more special! For a little while now, I've been part of a lovely group of bloggers called The Vintage Style Council, who work with Turtle Love Co, a vintage and artisan jewelry retailer based in Portland, Maine (I've been there!! It's a great town!) I'm really excited that I have been chosen as the Vintage Style Council Member of the Month for October! There is an interview with me over on their blog, if you'd like to check it out.

Turtle Love Co. have some absolutely gorgeous pieces of jewelry, a mixture of vintage and handcrafted designs. The new pieces are crafted by artisans who share the same values as the Turtle Love Co. team, which means they use recycled metals, conflict-free gemstones and sustainable pearls. The team also take steps to be eco-friendly in the office, and even for their commute! These guys are nestled close to my own heart!

I have more exciting news for you, there is a beautiful new vintage ring in the store and it's named after yours truly! How cool is that? Because Shell is a descriptive word for the actual materials used in some pieces, I went with "Shelly", which is what my dad calls me :) Isn't it a beautiful ring?
I thought it would be really fun to create a Pinterest board to tell a story about how the ring came into existence, around 1960. I wish you could re-order pins to create a coherent story, but alas, they seem to land wherever they please. The story follows the meeting, dates, excited gossiping amongst friends, a weekend away, a proposal and finally marriage of this cute 1950's couple who were originally married with this ring. As I said in my interview, I let my imagination get carried away when I see vintage items! I hope you like it, I had fun searching through all the old photos used to create the story.

Speaking of Pinterest boards, I created a different one based on one of the new pieces from Turtle Love Co, the Skipping Stone necklace. You can see that board here. It's "A Light Adventure" inspired by the pure white and silver of the necklace. Lots of pretty pastels to feast your eyes on :)

I'm so happy to be a part of The Vintage Style Council, and if you're looking for some eco-friendly new jewelry, or a unique vintage piece, head on over to Turtle Love Co.


*This is NOT a paid post, I truly believe in this brand. If you purchase after clicking on my links to the Turtle Love Co. site, I do receive a commission for any sales, as with all of my affiliate links.