What I Wore - Aquamarine

It feels like this might be some kind of undersea adventure today! I went all out with the teals, turquoises and aquamarine as you can see! Too bad my hair isn't matching... actually, the colour of my fringe was termed "Tropical Fish" by my hairdresser, so perhaps this all fits! I purchased this dress in the recent Modcloth sale, so of course, it is sold out now, sorry! It's really comfortable and pretty, and I think I like it best all buttoned up like this. I couldn't believe how close the belt colour is, unplanned wardrobe matching there folks. Sometimes I surprise myself!

 So, do you remember me featuring these shoes on Found a little while back? Anna from Bared Shoes was incredibly nice and sent me a pair of my very own. I am IN. LOVE. with these shoes. It's no secret that I love a good Oxford, but there are a few things that set them apart. Firstly, Anna is a qualified podiatrist and designs the Bared range with your foot(s?) health in mind. There's all kinds of technical terms I could throw around, but why don't I just leave it at: supportive, comfortable, great for walking. Take it from me, as a dancer who has not-so-great feet, it is REALLY important to take care of your feet as much as you can, bad shoes can give you pain everywhere from your feet, to your spine, and even headaches!

Imagine my delight at finding this beautiful shoe box in the mail! It's like an awesome metal lunchbox, I'm using it to keep sewing bits in now. I almost squealed when I opened it and found my beautiful shoes and not one, but FOUR different coloured laces! How awesome is that? I've gone for a mismatched turquoise and cream lace for now, but it might be time for a change. There are also those turquoise inserts, which are like removable orthotics. Inside the box there are a couple of different sized inserts so you can get the shoes fitting comfortably to your feet. I seriously cannot recommend these shoes enough. Treat your feet! (ugh how cheesy) One more good point before I go, these babies are made right here in Sydney, Australia. With love :)

 I know I'm gushing about the shoes. I should mention that these unnatural feelings toward the shoes are completely my own opinion and I was not asked to review the shoes, nor was I paid for this post!

Dress // Modcloth
(too late for this one, but there's plenty more where she came from)
Belt // Modcloth
Shoes // c/o Bared Shoes
Necklace // Gift from my sister :)

P.S. I've finally announced the winners of the September Group Giveaway, I was waiting on confirmation from the winners before I announced. The winners know who they are, but you can check them out here.