Bloodsucker, the Pumpkin

A few years ago, I saw my very first Halloween pumpkin in the green grocer. I know that might sound strange to my American friends, but it's not something you would see here very often. Gradually, Halloween pumpkins are becoming available in more and more stores, but this one was my first. C named it Bloodsucker, because as the young girl at the checkout scanned it, she cut her finger and started bleeding. She was a bit scared, I suppose because she was a hysterical teenage girl, and C told her (in his authoritative American (read: Halloween knowledgable) accent) that once a Halloween pumpkin tastes blood, it will come at night to find it's victim, like some kind of monster vampire pumpkin. The poor girl actually looked petrified... Surely she didn't believe him?!

Here's Bloodsucker. I take credit for the scooping, C is the master carver! Look at me, all black haired and stuff! I was blown away by Bloodsucker when I got home from work that night! A masterpiece! I was expecting a standard issue Jack-O-Lantern. I should know better.

And this year's pumpkin, carved tonight! It's a Space Cat (Kitty) and a Ghost Buck ;)

I hope you have had a great Halloween, wherever you are, even if you are holed up somewhere hiding from Sandy, I hope you have some loved ones around and that you can at least tell ghost tales around the campfire (or candle) As I said last night, my thoughts are with y'all :) Happy Halloween