My new friend Astryo, who loves burrito as much as I do. (no, I didn't get another cat!)

I thought it might be nice to do a 'Currently' post, inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet! I think the post title speaks for itself :)

Well, let's be honest, I work in a TV station and I do not really watch TV! That said I've been watching series 3 of Bored to Death. I just cannot get enough of that show. I love, love, love it. Ted Danson and Jason Schwartzman are somehow a match made in heaven. It's the first TV show to make me laugh out loud in forever. Brilliant. We also just finished American Horror Story, which I hated at first, but it definitely grew on me. I love film, and C and I have been pretending we're back in the 80's and head to the local video store to rent videos! I think it's really fun to browse the store, we always find movies we'd never see otherwise and sometimes they're even good! One example of a dud was Snow White and the Huntsman. I knew this would be bad, but we gave it a go anyway. Bad. I won't go into a deep critique, but between a hack script and Kristen Stewart caressing her hair after climbing through a sewer, I was done. Highlights recently that come to mind are The Cabin in the Woods, the good film Joss Whedon made before he sullied my eyeballs with The Avengers. (I know, everyone else loved it). I also enjoyed Jeff, Who Lives at Home starring Jason Segel, it was genuinely funny, but still one of those movies that makes you think and be thankful.

Listening to
C found a new band that he thought I'd like, The Black Belles. These ladies from Nashville TN are described as 'garage goth'. First, it felt weird to buy a CD. Second, I'm really enjoying it. For some reason I'm on a huge girl vocalist kick right now. These ladies have some great guitar sounds, you can definitely hear Jack White's influence on the album, and considering he 'discovered' them and signed them to his label, I suppose that makes sense. I've also been enjoying the new Bat For Lashes album, The Haunted Man. Natasha is one talented lady. I absolutely adore her sound, I hope I can see her live someday (soon, please!) She worked with Scott Walker, which gives her instant amazing-ness in my books!

Well, I like to keep my plans a secret. Dang. OK. I'll let you in on some of my plans of late. I'm working on some design tweaks for this little old blog, I was bored with the design about 6 months ago! This time I want to make it good the first time, so I'm taking a lot longer to decide on my direction. I have some ideas sketched out though, so hopefully you'll see a facelift around here pretty soon.

Thinking about
Lately I've been thinking a lot about where I'm heading in life. I know I do not want to live in Sydney forever. I've been looking at real estate in the USA, and gosh you guys have it good over there. It is SO cheap compared to Australia. I could seriously buy 4 houses over there for one in a cheap suburb in Sydney. So I've been weighing up my living arrangements. Obviously that's a fairly long term goal though. But I feel like I'm at the stage where I do need to start considering these things. I've also been thinking about my future, trying to move forward with all the creative projects I want to do with C that are always put on the back-burner of life. I've been trying to get things very clear in my head so that we can both do everything we've set out to do, or at least as much of it as possible. Life's been passing by way too fast lately and it's making me think about this a lot.

Looking forward to
We are heading to the Australian Ballet tomorrow night at the Sydney Opera House. I am definitely looking forward to that! I love going to the ballet, I only went for the first time last year, even though I danced and taught ballet for many years before that. I can't wait to get lost in the music and dance.

I'm very slowly reading Wildwood by Colin Meloy. I don't know why it's taking me so long, probably because I'm blogging too much and fall asleep after a couple of pages each night! I am loving it though and it is beautifully illustrated by Carson Ellis. I love reading a book and turning the page to find a picture, it's pretty rare with the books I usually read! It tells the story of a young girl named Prue, whose baby brother is abducted by a murder of crows and taken to the impassable wilderness on the edge of Portland, OR. It's a great story and one I will read to my children one day, whether they be human or cat.

Making me happy
Talking to C a lot more than usual. Only because I had the week off work to recuperate from my oral surgery. It's not like we don't talk normally, it's just that having all that extra time together meant we could hang out and talk. (He took the week off to take care of me, aww) My cats of course, especially when they approach me for no reason that I could possibly understand and yell. So cute. My garden, where this week I will harvest my first batch of home grown tomatoes. They are green and plentiful on the vine right now, so not long to go. I also planted silverbeet, baby beetroot and some daisies. Oh, and catnip. I cannot wait until they all start sprouting. Other things making me happy: spring flowers, walking slowly, Christmas decorations arriving from Europe, sleeping in, blue skies when rain was forecast, amazing huge thunderstorms when sun was forecast, mexican food, berries and all of you lovely people who read my blog and send me lovely messages and comments. I truly appreciate and enjoy reading everything you say. Thank you.


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