Found #34

Hi, you might have noticed a very old Found was just republished... Enjoy that ;) I had to turn comments off on it as that particular post was having a full blown spam-attack, and when I updated it, it jumped out of it's little box and showed it's naked self to the world! Look at me!! I'm Found #3!! Anyway. Sorry about that. Here's Found #34, 31 weeks later.

I love Alice Nightingale's designs, and now she's gone and made something with an apple print. Apple prints are like my kryptonite... This one is particularly beautiful, and I love this style of skirt too.

You know me, I have feelings towards a good cardigan. This one is brand new from Oasap, I love the colours, the texture and the shape! Looks perfect. The extra good news is, if you want this or anything from Oasap, you can use the code kittyandbuck at the checkout to get a whopping 35% off, plus there is free shipping!

via: Oasap

I wish I could remember whose blog I saw this on earlier this week, but it's a blur. Someone shared these wonderful dresses from Japanese fashion shop Felissimo. MOOMIN dresses people. I wish I could muster up my Japanese and figure out how to buy this. I can get it into my cart, but no luck with my limited Japanese with finding out how to pay and send it into my hot little hands. This is some kind of torture. I need some Japanese refresher lessons, stat! Kudasai?
(I know about google translate, but does this make sense to anyone? "dress like adults to become like the cocoon silhouette and both sides fell wear and piston." I didn't think so)

(sorry it's so low res - I can't find the Japanese 'zoom' button)
via: Felissimo

My current makeup bag is on it's last legs, it is seriously going to crumble in my hands one day soon. But I hate boring old makeup bags, don't you? I spotted this fox cosmetic case on Oysho and I think it might just fot the bill :) I LOVE his little rosy cheeks!

via: Oysho

There's definitely time to share some beautiful photography as well. I discovered Elena Kalis awhile ago and was reminded of her work after spotting it on my post of the week from Design Love Fest. Her underwater photography is stunning. I love how vast this photo is. Just amazing.

Last week, I read this post from Design Love Fest and thought it's a pretty timely reminder that I have a problem. Hi, my name is Kitty and I can't say no. There. I said it. I hate saying no to people. I am burdened with empathy, even over tiny things and I just want to help everybody. It's definitely a character flaw as I very often neglect more important things such as sleeping (!) So this post stuck with me, I'm trying very hard to improve and only take on things when I have the time to invest.

Bri and her team of creative ladies always have something interesting going on, so even if you're not a designer, go check it out!