Found #35 All A Flutter

Join me this week in celebrating our feathered friends, it's a fluttery Found!

This Eva Franco dress from Modcloth is so beautiful! I adore the colour, and the belt is perfect.
via: Modcloth

Nadinoo has a beautiful bird print blouse available in Anthropologie, it looks breezy and so pretty!

This little robin print is so cute, illustrated in New Zealand by Tiny Kiwi Creations.

This ring from Jessica-T is adorable, I love how the little bird hugs your finger!
via: Jessica-T

I just received a batch of wrapping paper from Wrap Magazine. You too can be like a three year old again and become more interested in the wrap than the present!
via: Wrap

I've featured the photography of Oleg Oprisco before, but I just adore it, so here's another one for you to feast your eyes upon.

via: oprisco on Flickr

I related to Carly's post on Miss Teacups this week, "on blogging and why people care?" I often find myself wondering the same thing, what is it that people are interested in that I have to say? Why am I doing this? What does it meeeean? Not sure there are answers for me in there, but Carly got some great feedback on her blog and why people read it.