Found - A Little Brightness Please

I thought this week I'd share some bright and colourful goodness, enjoy :)

These wrapper bracelets from The Glossy Queen are so pretty! I absolutely love the colour combinations of these ones, they're delightful :)

I just love Annie Hall. I really must watch it again. Giulio Mosca has made a nice personal project designing posters as a tribute to a bunch of Woody Allen films. I love that he's presented each one with a line from the film. Alvy Singer: Honey, there's a spider in your bathroom the size of a Buick.
via: Behance

I've never been a big fan of animal print, but for some reason it's calling my name this week. These Cheap Monday jeans would be pretty awesome with those (look down) shoes, right? (Maybe the black version of the shoes!)
via: Asos

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having unnatural thoughts about these shoes right now. NO, not those thoughts... Jeez. I chose the fuschia bennis for the sake of brightness, but I'd love one in every colour. I've already put my order in for Christmas :) Thanks Santa, I've been REAL good!

So, my mum used to have macrame stuff hanging around the house when I was growing up. I think she used to do some herself, but I've never tried. Kitiya has though, and aren't her pot holders so cute? You can get them in her Etsy store if you're in a hurry :)

I just finished reading Jenny's story after her encounter with Hurricane Sandy. It's really scary to see what happened from someone's first hand experience, I hope the people affected all over the East Coast are on the way to recovery. Reading Jenny's story and seeing her pictures, it looks like there is a very hard road ahead for a lot of people.

Which brings me to the second post of the week... I had to share two! Keiko Lynn has been working with those affected in Brooklyn and she has written a wonderful post this week on the best ways to help, if you are nearby and able to get to the area, as well as financial assistance and how it can be best directed to help those in need.

I hope that you are your families are safe and sheltered. I am sure that every little bit will help the people who have been devastated by this terrible storm. You can see why I chose the theme "A Little Brightness Please" now, right? I thought people might need some colour other than grey.