Found - Sale time!

Are you tired of shopping yet? I was creating a beautiful Found for you, but unfortunately I have the flu right now, and just didn't have the stamina to hunt down a bunch of beautiful images this week. I wasted all of my energy on the Modcloth sale. Oops! I thought I'd share some of my favourite items from their 50% off specials, just in case you need a little inspiration. Remember, if you're a first time customer, you can get $15 when you spend over $50 on your first purchase by using this link! (not sure if it applies to the sale items or not) I've added the sale prices in for you too, just to make life easy! You've got until Sunday to take advantage of these bargains.

1 // I have this dress in green, it's so comfortable and on sale in green, red and purple! $23.99
2 // I love how fancy this dress is, and the scalloped hem is really pretty $48.99
3 // This Dear Creatures dress reminds me a bit of my blue dress from Emerging Thoughts $63.99
4 // The colours! So pretty :) $29.99
5 // The colours and pattern on this dress are lovely and remind me of old cartoons $44.99
6 // An adorable fire hydrant print dress $39.99
7 // Kittens playing, need I say more? $24.99
8 // I love the neckline of this one, it's a little bit different and really pretty $28.99

You might want to accessorise...
1 // I have this belt in brown, worn here. Snag it in black for only $9.99
2 // This cherry necklace is really pretty, very vintage inspired $11.99
3 // Who loves tea? Even better, tea in a toadstool pot! $26.99
4 // These boots look nice and cozy for winter $59.99
5 // T-strap and a double buckle? How adorable! $34.99
6 // I won't lie. I did purchase these babies $28.99

There are so many amazing sales on right now, I'm sure you're all on top of it ;) Pretty much every store I visit is offering some great bargains, I hope you manage to save some money and snag some great gifts for people!