Lovely Letters Task #4 - The Final Task

Well, today is the final task anouncement for Lovely Letters. I cannot believe how quickly the project has gone by, I hope you have all enjoyed it and made some new friends :) This week's task is to send your partner a postcard plus a little something extra, no more than $5 in value. It would be great if it's something flat that can fit into an envelope, just to keep the 'letter' theme. The package exchange partners and task will be announced shortly, Nat's just preparing the final touches, so keep your eyes out for that announcement soon, and save up your big package wrapping for that one!

It would be great if you could have this one in the post by the 19th of November. And don't forget to send your answers to your partner's questions from Task #2 if you haven't already! Also, remember you can check out some lovely letters online (and share yours) in the Flickr group. The hashtag for Instagram and Twitter is #lovelyletters if you'd like to share your letters with everyone (remember to disguise address and full name information to protect you partner!)

Thank you so much for participating in the Lovely Letters exchange, we hope that you've really enjoyed writing some letters and that you'll continue after this project is finished. I've really enjoyed meeting so many lovely new people too! Thanks for taking part :D