Night at the Museum

So I posted on the night, but I promised to show more photos of our Halloween party in the Australian Museum, which is a natural history museum in Sydney. I really couldn't believe they let hordes of people party in the museum after hours, but hey, I'm not complaining, I had a great time! I think we spent more time looking around the normal museum stuff than the party, I hadn't been since primary school, so it was cool to look around at all of the displays. Here's some of the party photos before Halloween is completely eclipsed by Christmas. I have a tonne of amazing taxidermy and skeleton displays to share as well, I'll save those for another post. Thanks Penny for asking us along, it was awesome!

No seriously, that's the first thing I saw when we entered the museum. A huge, walking around dinosaur. It was an incredible costume, so realistic! I think it might have belonged to the museum for demonstrations, it was pretty cool! (ignore the man legs sticking out the bottom)

There was a face painting section, one for Dia de los Muertos and one for zombies. Unfortunately the line was too long for me! This random girl we snagged for a photo looks great though!

Ever wondered what Boylesque looks like? Me neither, but each to their own ;) There's a little taste^

Penny hanging out with a mammoth.

 Whoa, snakes... How cool is that turtle as well? Amazing!

There were living creatures too, some Sea Urchins (above) and Stick Insects (below). I am amazed they let people consuming alcohol near the stick insects, but perhaps they were doing a quick sobriety judgement before they let people handle their precious stick dudes! I wasn't brave enough... at first. Then when I was, the stick insect was conveniently being passed around a big group of other people. Maybe next time huh?

 We were trying to replicate the masks... It's kind of hard to tell... I guess you had to be there...

 I hope you enjoyed these pics, we had such a fun night.