October in Review

I'm not even going to say it. You all know what I am thinking...

Here's some of my favourite posts from October:

This month was a guest posting/interviewee/feature post whirlwind! I normally do a little mention of any guest posts I have done, but honestly, you guys would have had enough of it by the end. I'll just write a little list here in case you're interested :)

I designed a typographic quote and shared some Autumn pictures on Maiedae
My 3 trips to Disney (Euro Disney, Disneyland and Disney World!) shared on My Mod Style
Some insider local knowledge about day trips to take in Sydney at Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard
First Signs of Spring over at Blythe Ponytail Parades
I was the Vintage Style Council Member of the month (!) at Turtle Love Co.
I also guest posted an imaginary story about my vintage namesake ring's story at Turtle Love Co.
I had a lovely conversation with Ruzu at her adorable blog Princess Corner
There is an interview with me with the darling Amber Rose of Laughing With Broken Eyes
If I forgot any, please let me know, I'm overwhelmed remembering all of this work right now ;)
I did! How could I forget, I was thrilled when I saw this one. I was featured on Passionfruit's Blog in the Monday is for Lovers Style Edition right here. Amongst excellent company too, I might add!

I have a few new ideas for November on this old blog. I'm pretty excited to share them with you. In real-life, I'm having dental surgery (again) on Monday, this time I am taking a week off work to recover properly instead of doing my usual 4km of walking a day (part of my commute) and disturbing the healing process. Lesson learned from last time : /

My garden is coming along nicely, there is a new, delicious strawberry every few days... I'm having home-grown organic strawberry rations! The two tomato plants are growing like weeds, so I think within the week I will have more tomatoes than I know what to do with... There's just lots of flowers and tiny green balls right now. It's so rewarding to eat food that you have grown, I can't wait for a 'real' veggie patch one day when I have the space.

I hope after I have healed from my surgery that I can get back into a good routine with healthy eating, planned and prepared meals and regular gym visits (and some ballet classes!) It's been really tough lately to hold down any routine and the first thing to go is my health. Not eating properly, no exercise and not enough sleep. My early resolution is to get on top of it and beat the January 1st rush ;)

I have an huge giveaway from my large October sponsors and assorted friends and lovely people happening next week. You're going to love it! There's also the October Photo 101 post, I've had it ready, I just need a spare day to post it! Perhaps even a couple more DIYs, once I iron out the imperfections ;)

I hope you had a safe and happy October, I'd love to hear about your plans for November! Anyone else reclaiming their health? (perhaps it's a post-winter thing... fellow Aussies?)