Photography 101 - Product Shoot on White

Today I'm sharing with you the next tutorial in my Photo 101 series, product photography on a white background. This setup is an excellent way to showcase products without any distraction. For me, I find it useful to avoid styling a shoot, which I find quite difficult at times when a product is removed from my person! A white background allows your product to shine without the distraction of other shapes, patterns and textures.

The only material I used was a roll of paper from the children's section of Ikea. Any large sheet of paper or thin card will work though.

I hope this easy tutorial helps you with your photography, even if it's not for a product! Remember, use natural indirect light where possible, it will give your shots the most flattering soft lighting. If you have any questions or requests for photo 101 topics, leave me a comment below, I'm happy to help out :)