Photography with Toy Cameras - Guest Post from Ruzu

Hi Kitty and Buck followers, it is such an honor to be in this lovely blog that I enjoy to follow, read and sponsor, I am Ruzu from Princess Corner and today I want to share with you my last interest: Photography with toy cameras.

I am an owner of a Mini Diana, a camera that I got last year for my Birthday, it's very cute and small, so it's easy to carry in your handbag. This is the package I recieved.

My problem with this type of cameras is that in my country the shops of film developing don´t have a good equipment with the size of the frame of the mini diana, was a big problem for me to get my photos, that´s why I don´t have all of them, I need a different size, maybe a pretty Holga. 

Despite this problem, I have on my mind a dream to own more of these fellows, here is my current wishlist.

Links: 1,2,3,4

I am planning to continue with the mini Diana, I love it and I don´t care about the issue above. So what do you think about the lomography and toy cameras? It's a great area of photography if you ask me, it's important to learn the past of this art, and it's fun, there are people who don´t need to go to University to learn, it's very simple, but if you are an artist you should know how to work better to explode your creativity.

The most great advice for everyone (including me) is to take your toy camera and go out, you can practice with everything, and someday take photos such like Rhianne does, she is incredible. 

Thank you for reading this small contribution, I hope you like it and thanks Kitty for this opportunity. If you are so kind, you can follow my adventures on my blog.


Thanks for sharing these cameras Ruzu, I love photographing with film and I own many film cameras myself. Ruzu blogs from her home in El Salvador about photography, fashion, DIY and other lovely things, you should head over and say hello :)

Kitty x