What I Wore - Zen Garden

Remember when I wore my lovely red clogs, and I told you I had 3 outfits planned, but only time to shoot one? Well, this is one of the others :) I knew these clogs could be perfect with socks too, I'm not one of those people who cares about the toes of socks poking through... is that a huge fashion faux-pas? Sorry if it is, that's just how I roll.

I didn't really have a plan today of where to shoot these photos, then we remembered some nice gardens by the library. When we arrived there was also a Zen garden there... Shows how long it's been since I went to the library I guess! I just love a nice zen garden, so thought it would be a lovely place to take some photos today.

Sometimes (always) I feel so awkward having my photo taken. It's a really uncomfortable thing for me. I'm trying to overcome it through these outfit photos on the blog, but to be honest, it doesn't really get much easier for me. I do a lot better at least when there's something to occupy me, like jumping over rocks! I'm trying to be more interesting in my photos, it's one of my four simple goals, so if anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it! I have this problem that whenever there is a camera around, I kind of flinch, blink or open my mouth, or move awkwardly, right as the shutter goes off... It's horrible!

This next photo is my favourite from today. We took a LOT of jumping shots, which in hindsight, made my tooth - ah... absence of a tooth hurt like hell. None of them turned out, as I mentioned above, my photographic problems are already immense without adding jumping into the equation! At least my feet know how to jump properly! Thanks, all those years of ballet training.

So enough about my fear of photographs of myself, let's talk about the outfit, huh? I've been meaning to take photos of this dress for ages, and somehow haven't gotten around to it. It's made in the U.S.A from organic cotton and it's just lovely. I can wear it to work, because unlike most other dresses I get my hands on, it's a good length. I love the mesh detailing around the top as well, it's not something I'd normally go for, but Lauren at Emerging Thoughts sold me on it and it's great!

I also had my eye on the Sea Of Bees Fox Ring for ages, my first one went walkabout, but this guy is great!  Even though it's big, it's very lightweight (compared to my monster ring I normally wear, anyway) and comfortable too. My earrings are from the lovely Jess who I met at the Etsy Success conference back in June. She makes really lovely simple jewellery in her home studio up in Queensland. She's a talented lady, and super friendly and kind as well! She just released a new range, so you should definitely check out her work. You already know how much I love my shoes. Wow. I just realised that everything I wore today has a special friendliness attached. Awwww.

Dress // Curator Matty Dress from Emerging Thoughts
Belt // Urban Outfitters (I think it was a Vintage Revival, old)
Socks // Urban Outfitters (they're extinct now, sorry)