Found #37

It's no secret that I love a woodland setting, and one day dream of living in my own secluded cabin. This amazing blog, Beaver Brook has definitely captured my imagination. I could look at the beautiful pictures all day long, it's a gorgeous document following the building of a cabin in the woods. The photographs are amazing. I can picture myself here one day.

I recently discovered Kate Miss in an internet wormhole. She has a lovely blog and seems like such a warm person. Her jewellery line is also beautiful, and I love the lookbook photography that goes along with the new range. There's something about her cast bronze pieces that are so special.

via: Kate Miss

Have you seen the website "Things Organized Neatly" I'm pretty sure it was originally inspired by grandfather's work benches and those lovely 'holey' wooden panels with all of the tools lined up according to use and size. Now it's become a trend in advertising and you see it around a lot, so it's lost a little bit of it's purity. But I still enjoy looking, here's a couple of examples.

These are tiny shells! C thinks I am mad right now...

I'm always on the lookout for a nice, soft, warm and shape-holding cardigan. This one from You Must Create is lovely.

via: YMC

First spotted on Oh So Lovely Vintage, I have to share this photo of boy scouts from the 60's watching an eclipse. One question. Why are the girl's eyes not protected? From The New York Times 1964

I'm not sure whether to admit this or not, but I've been enjoying watching a livefeed this week... The Spice Kittens. There's a 24 hour webcam set up in a foster home for a no-kill shelter. They have kittens. It is kind of addictive watching the kittens play, especially when you're ... 'working'. You can also donate to the shelter, or... adopt a cat? They need forever homes, I think the kittens in the feed are all spoken for I'm afraid.

Loving and Living with your blog on Lune Vintage. Jill has created a series of posts, which get to the heart of blogging, this post is about embracing your individuality. I always enjoys Jill's posts, she is honest, insightful and genuine, she's one of the most lovely bloggers out there. Do yourself a favour and read this series if you have a blog, I hope it inspires you too!

Does anyone have any exciting plans this weekend? I'm hoping to get some work done, as I have a lot due between now and January 2... It's O.K. Since the weather forecast is for 40º+ (That's over 105, USA folks) I'm quite happy to stay inside. Me + beach in that heat DO NOT mix. Hopefully it will be cooler on Sunday and I can enjoy some sunlight that is not baking hot before Monday.