Found #38

Since it is "the season" I think it's O.K. to share these greeting cards created by Ernst Haeckel in the 1800's. Ernst Haeckel was an incredible illustrator (amongst other things) and discovered and documented many species. I just love these jellyfish Christmas cards, don't ask why there are jellyfish Christmas cards, just admire :)
via: Retronaut
Father Rabbit is a lovely New Zealand based home wares store with simple but functional items. I love this poppy comforter, it's hand quilted and just looks so cozy :)
I know it might be a little chilly in your part of the world, but I'm fairly certain I'll be making these as Christmas treats. Mango and Salted Coconut Pop with Crushed Peanut Topping. Did you hear that right? Oh. My. Yum. These are made by Liana Raine in Sydney and the recipe is on The Design Files.
This train line in the Ukraine is nicknamed the "Tunnel of Love". The trees have been moulded by the train traveling through into a lush green tunnel. The tunnel is a popular place for lovers to make wishes. It is said that if your love is sincere that your wish will come true. I dream of place like this.
I thought since there's a photo of the tunnel of love, I oughta share some Wanda Jackson (Funnel of Love) We saw her sing this live a couple of years ago, just incredible. The lady is 75 and still belts it out like a pro. If you like rockabilly, I highly recommend finding a live performance by Wanda, she's actually playing again in Sydney soon. Enjoy :)