Found #39

I love this illustration by Edward Fairburn. I really enjoy looking for pictures and patterns inside larger scenes, and enjoy his interpretation of this, it looks awesome.
These stitched polka dot socks come in several colours, but these mint and peach ones make me want to wear mismatched socks!
via: Obus
This week we had our office Christmas party with the inevitable bad secret santa gift giving. It's supposed to be bad, right? Last year I was given soap (do I smell bad?!) - I'm guessing from someone who didn't know me, or didn't know what to get a girl... soap? It was lovely soap anyways. And I don't think I smell (I hope not). This year I received these super cute typewriter font stamps and a little ink pad. I haven't figured out who got them for me. One of my colleagues received this bag. Isn't it funny?
This Orla Kiely dress has the most lovely print. I cannot envision a day where I spend that much money on a dress though. I'm happy to look and admire from a distance!
via: Modcloth
I just love the Little Nemo in Slumberland comics by Windsor McCay. You can actually read them online for free. C has the lovely hardcover collections, they are stunning. Here's a Christmas themed page to get you started. The online selection is of McCay's work from 1904-1914.
I apologize for my lack of "Blog Post of the Week" entries lately, I've got a few freelance design jobs on the go as well as my full-time job, and this old blog. So I've not been reading much online lately, or what I have read, I've done quickly and without taking notes, I hope to revive this section of Found in the new year, because I love sharing great posts that I have read over the week.

This weekend is all about work. I forgot I booked a hairdresser's appointment (months ago) for tomorrow morning as well, so I somehow need to squeeze that in too! It's all rush around here folks. I'm considering changing my hair a little. I love my colours but they are washed out in the faded brunette, and I can't get the brunette touched up without losing the blonde parts that I dye pretty colours. Oh, the dilemma. I'm seeing a new hairdresser since mine has selfishly moved to London, so I'll be sure to let you know how I go. Any inspiration ideas in the next 8 hours are welcome!