Found #40

As you may have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, I get pretty excited when something in my garden grows, rather than dies. I try really hard, but gardening does not come naturally to me. I think my skills are improving. I would love to get my hands on some of these adorable seed packs from Sow 'n Sow. I'm pretty sure that because they come in whimsical packaging, they must grow pretty good too! I love the pretty illustrations on the packages, and who doesn't love flowers?

Renée Louise Anderson has some beautiful travel photography. Next time I travel, I'm going to try and rush less and soak up the atmosphere more. Does anyone else feel like vacations are so precious that they don't want to miss anything and do too much? (remember those 22 states in 5 weeks last year? Me = crazy)

If you need anything aquatic themed, head over to Zombie Collective, they have prints and accessories for all of you seafarers. I love this blue whale necklace, though it had tough competition from the perspex Lobster and Narwhal versions!
via: Zombie Collective

Alfred Stieglitz has the most beautiful photography, this one is from 1915, titled "From The Back Window, 291" New York.
via: Tumblr

I've always wanted to make my own Christmas crackers, but never think of it in time. You can buy them from the store, but the jokes are terrible, the paper crowns too big and the trinkets can be pretty silly. It would be fun to make some with special treats inside and maybe some little handmade items! A word of warning... those strips that make the popping sound... when I was about 6, I got my hands on a loose one somehow, in the back of the car, and pulled it apart. It popped in my eye and I had to wear an eyepatch (I was so embarrassed and I still have a squiggly red vein in my eye from where it got me). You have been warned. Pop only inside the cracker kids!