Guest Post with Praew - Thai-Japanese Fusion Restaurant

Yura An Japanese Fusion Restaurant at Central World, Bangkok
Hello Kitty & Buck readers!
I am Praew from Praew Channel. I am glad that I have a chance to do a guest post here again. This is actually my third time writing a guest post for Kitty & Buck. I have already done a diy post and an outfit post. This time I would like to share some experience that I had when exploring Thai-Japanese fusion food at Yura-An Restaurant in Bangkok.

My sister, Ploen, talks about this restaurant quiet often when she has to give a list of restaurant that she suggests to her friends. Personally, my husband and I love Japanese Food. However, we often go for authentic Japanese food rather than the fusion Japanese. However, This time we decided to try something out of our ordinary.  Last month, we went there for lunch.

When we walked in, we were quite pleased with the ambience that is bright with high ceiling. The interior design is sleek with a touch of Japanese which gives the cozy feeling to the modern vibe.

Let's take a look at what we ordered!
Yura An Japanese Fusion Restaurant at Central World, Bangkok
Among the fancy rolls that we skimmed through the menu, we decided to order spider roll. This roll consists of deep-fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and mayonaise. This roll has been my favorite since I was in college so I couldn't help but order this roll. Spider roll is actually a popular roll in many Japanese restaurants in many countries so many of you might have tried this dish already. What I love about this dish is the combination of the soft shell crab and the avocado. At Yura-An restaurant, they made a very good spider roll because their deep-fried soft shell crab is so crispy! 
Yura An Japanese Fusion Restaurant at Central World, Bangkok
The next dish is tuna tartar with avocado served with nori, lime and chilli. This is definitely not an ordinary tuna tartar. After tasting the tuna tartar,I guess they mix the tuna cubes with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi with a dash of sesame oil.  You might wonder how should we eat it. You should wrap the tuna tartar with the nori and add Thai chilli and a dash of lime juice....Voila! This is another dish that we will definitely try to make at home. This is a very unique fusion dish with the combination of Thai and Japanese flavors. I think it will be great party food.
Yura An Japanese Fusion Restaurant at Central World, Bangkok
Tuna cutlet with wasabi sauce is the menu that my husband and I were both agreed that we would like to tried this recipe at home. We both love seared tuna with Japanese soy sauce. This dish takes a little step further from what we usually do.  After seeing this dish, I think it is a great idea to coat the tuna with the bread crumbs instead of simply sear the tuna. And the wasabi-mayonnaise sauce was definitely complement the tuna cutlet.
Yura An Japanese Fusion Restaurant at Central World, Bangkok
Chirashi (Assorted sashimi on rice) is not a fusion dish but it is on of my favorite dishes that I usually order every time I dine at Japanese restaurants. Yummy!
It was such a fun time as I discovered more ways to play with food. After a great meal at Yura An, we were so full and ready for an afternoon nap. Unfortunately, I had so many things to do so I finished off that meal with a cup of black tea in order to stay awake. :p
Restaurant Info
Name: Yura An
Cusine: Japanese Fusion
Location: Central World Shopping Center, 7th floor
(Bangkok, Thailand)

I hope you enjoy my post. And I hope you find the cooking ideas from this post useful.
Thanks Shell for the opportunity to write this post.


Thanks Praew for another lovely guest post, it's so fun taking a peek into someone else's life. I think my favourite Japanese food is Gyoza, I just love dumplings... or maybe Apple Sake ;)