Hommework Opening

Last week we attended the launch night for Hommework, an Australian menswear label designed by our talented friend, Morgan (he's on the left in the picture above). All of the clothes are designed and made in Sydney. C took these awesome pictures of the event, including one of me in the virtual change room. Well, a camera with a projection screen, so you could see yourself really, really big. It was a great night, nice to catch up with some old friends and meet some new people, including a girl called Stella who was very excited about finding "The A-Z of Lace" book at a library pre-pulping book giveaway. (I know) Anyway. Let's talk about the clothes... Since C is homme, I'll let him give his impression :)

Those of you who know me, know that I am baffled by fashion and for all intent and purposes I am someone primarily suited to the introspection the outdoors offer - not a fashion show. But I've known Morgan for years now, he is a hard-working, humble, good guy and his sister Montana is a doll - so how could I say no to attending their Sci-Fi Starfighter Hanger for the launch of HOMMEWORK.

The designs were all knife-edge sharp. The white neon lighting made the clothes rack in the center of the room glow like spacesuits in a Stanley Kubrick film. I'm told the thread count in the shirts is some ultra-fine future fabric designed to wear down over the years until it visually represents a wabi-sabi* roadmap of your travels together.

The appeal was very fresh and I wish Morgan and HOMMEWORK the best of luck - if your fellas want something classy check them out.

*Wabi-sabi is a Japanese word meaning the patina of authenticity that experience bestows upon an object.